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My Story

Hey everyone! I discovered Scentsy 4 years ago, when i got introuduced to it  by my cousin who got me my first warmer along with a bar of Blueberry Cheesecake. I fell in love with their products as they keep coming out with new items, my few favourite.. the bath bombs! They're huge and do wonders to your skin!

I enjoy scentsy because the of variety scents, as well as the quality of every single item. There is way more to offer than just scented wax also, there's Lotions & Oils, Essential Oil Treatments, Stuffed Toys, Laundry, Fragrances, Home Based Business, Candle Supplies, Air Fresheners, Baby Night Light, Aroma Therapy, Dryer Scents, Hosting, Home Based Income,  Scent Warmers, Diffusers, Plug In Warmers, Skin Essentials, Body Essentials, Skin Cream